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We at Chicago Logistic don’t believe in fancy brochures with all kinds of promises of what we do that is different from all the rest. No we have not served a billion customers since 1996. No, we do not “go the extra mile”, nor do we “fly the friendly skies” nor “do we do it your way”. We are just a small company that enjoys what we do. Some people like busting up atoms in a sterile environment. Others like to slap condiments on hot dogs with a large order of really greasy fries. We simply move your equipment from origin to destination the quickest way possible for the money you are willing to pay. You want it over night? We can do it, but you will pay for it. You want it picked up one week and delivered the next week, we also can do that. We may even deliver it the next day, if it fits our schedule. Reasonable service, reasonable pricing; that is what we offer.

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